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Hydrodrive® Hydraulic Steering Systems are manufactured using technology from aviation industry. Pumps have houses which comes from a single aluminum block, hardened and hot-pressed. The 10 mm thickness and the special material coming from the aircraft industry prevent leakage or oil film/fog formation even under very high pressure. The 3 ball bearings in the pumps ensure the outstanding precision and exceptionally smooth, consistent functioning. Each pump house is anodized and painted, due to the surface treatment is resistant to the highly corrosive effects of sea. The cylinders are also made by cold drawn, hardened aluminum (also used in the aircraft industry). The thick walled cylinder is made of a special raw material with even higher tensile strength than the traditional bronze therefore tolerates high working pressure. As the helm, also all the cylinders and parts are anodized and painted and are resistant to the salt corrosion. Our hose set are made by the most reliable hydraulic twin tube, easy to install, already with fittings fitted on it. The installation is one of the easiest things that can be done on a boat.
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